Monitoring Services

Monitoring Capacity "Media Intelligence" it´s a new specialized service of Box Company for monitoring advertising media in mass media communications, radio and television. Thanks to its automatic state-of-the-art detection technology, the system Media Intelligence is able to detect commercials and content trough the most reliable, accurate and efficient way. How it works?
Media Intelligence captures the signal directly from TV, Cable and/or Radio stations into a computer; then, using its unparalleled detection system, it begins to record, process and automatically identify spot commercials (audio and video), therefore, the system will prevent human error to the minimum. At the same time it will provide an accurate audit to any radio or TV broadcasting within a specific geographic area.

Partner with IPS

Advertising Monitoring: Introduction

Ipsos Connect is the market leader in the region being a source of information about TV, Press, Cinema and the Outdoor advertising activities. Ipsos Connect is a part of an international research group “Ipsos” operating in the region since last25 years.
Ipsos Connect is the largest provider of Media monitoring data.
Ipsos Connect monitors various television channels, print, stations, outdoor networks and cinema theaters for their content and advertising.
Ipsos Connect has offices in almost all the countries in MENA region and has capability to provide Monitoring services through its affiliates in the countries where it does not have offices.
Ipsos Connect has a team of specially trained personnel top rocess and deliver Monitoring data through its Media Monitoring tool, STATEX, which is created and continuously developed by Ipsos Connect R&D team as well.
Statex Monitoring data consists of advertising activities presented in the form of Brands classified following to a sector list improved and developed continuously keeping pace with the market development and appearance of new products that meet consumer needs in our dynamic developing environment, involving new technologies, businesses as well as simple consumption products.