Art Production

TV Commercials

BOX Company produces work for advertising agencies, in-house marketing teams, and ambitious commercial enterprises of all shapes and sizes. BOX Company’s Productions has the imagination, business insight, and production expertise to transform your ideas into persuasive motion pictures. Whether you come in with an entire marketing plan or the germ of an idea, the BOXcreative team will collaborate with you to produce a professional, original, and high-quality commercial. BOX Company’s professional team of writers, directors, producers, cinematographers, editors, and visual effects artists are eager to serve your commercial production needs. Call us for a consultation and learn what Indigo Productions can do for you brand.

TV Motion Graphic

Box Company is responsible for the corporate identity of the tv stations on screen. It designs and produces all graphic packages for promotion and shows Graphics, animation and effects are elements that really bring a video project to life. With in-house motion graphics, animation and compositing effects capabilities, Pure Imagination has the resources and talent to take any video project from simple and mundane to stunning and visually engaging.

Dubbing Services

Box Company has over 5 years of experience providing dubbing and voice-over services to major media companies and TV Stations. Here at Box company we pride ourselves on 3 elements with our dubbing services: casting vocal talent for voice overs whose voice type matches that of the actor on screen; precise lip-synching that completes the illusion; and script adaptation that faithfully captures the nuance of the source material. All of these elements combine for a true, ‘transcreated’ performance.
Box Company provides dubbing and voice-over services in more than 4 languages (Kurdish-Sorani, Kurdish-Kirmanji, Arabic, Persian, English for TV Commercials, broadcast series, documentaries. We have been worked for the very famous International brands such as a Samsung, Snickers, Intel, Panadol, Haier, Ulker, Istikbal, Bellona, Dogtas, Mihan, Sunich ..Etc. Box Company provides a complete end-to-end solution for dubbing services. From script adaptation through casting, directing, recording and mixing, we provide one-stop, complete post-production voice-over services. Box Company provides local, in-territory, project management with the added quality and technologies that come with a global provider.

Video Production

BOX Company offers an array of film and video production services for corporate, commercial, and entertainment clients.We specialize in full-service video production, nurturing a client’s initial idea through all the stages of development and production, to final delivery:

Concept Development
Script Writing
Location Scouting
Video Editing
Motion Graphics
3D Animation
Visual Effects
Music Scoring
Sound Design
Color Correction
Video Finishing

BOX Company’s project management team considered as a one of leading companies in Video production industry in Iraq.

Camera Crews
Creative Directors
Art Directors
Hair & Makeup Artists
Wardrobe Stylists
Voice-Over Artists